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March 2009
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Sarah [userpic]

I was googling and I came across this: http://www.chicklit.nl/index.php?page=artikel&id=462

It's basically a contest to find a new Dutch chicklit-writer and I'm considering joining it. I have this idea in my head for a novel and I sort of want to just go for it. I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but I also know that I'm a decent writer, I've been practising my writing skills on fanfics for several years now and maybe it's time to try the real thing for once. Even if I don't finish it, even if it ends up being the crappiest story ever, it will be good practice.
It does mean that I will have to start writing in Dutch again *snigger* I've been writing in English for years now, I think I must've been still in High School the last time I tried to write Dutch fiction ^_^

When I decide to go through with this there will be a couple of problems, though.

*I have until August 1st. I'm a slow writer, the "shortest" time I needed to complete a multiple chapter story (+/-35 000 words) was probably 2 years.
*I need to have at least 60 000 words. The longest story I've written is the one I'm working on right now (an OB fanfic) and it is 42 000 words. It took me about 1,5 year to write it. And again, I'm a slow writer. Although I imagine writing in Dutch will go faster than writing in English...
*They ask for the setting to be in The Netherlands. Although I probably know more about the Netherlands and the Dutch culture than I know about any other country (except for Belgium off course), I still don't know enough about it to make it the setting of a real novel. So I'm thinking about using Ghent as the setting and just risking a disqualification because of that...

What do you think, should I try it????

Sarah [userpic]

Am doing a friend's cut. If you're on the list and still want to be friends, please let me know or you'll be cut :)

The ListCollapse )

Sarah [userpic]

I'm making this journal friends only, so I know who's reading this!

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Sarah [userpic]

I'm 'cleaning up' my LJ and I'm going to do a little friends-cut.
It's either because one of the following reasons:
*you're not active anymore (meaning that you haven't updated your journalin ages)
*or I never comment on your LJ, you never comment on mine, so I think we haven't much in common after all.

If, for some reason, you still want to be on my flist, just let me know why.

If you're name is one this list, you're the weakest link, goodbye ;) Good luck with everything!

chiana_606 + dearose
senoritajessica + crescent_cross sis, I always loved reading your journal, but it's been over a year since your last update, so I don't think you're coming back. If you ever do, please add me again. I hope you're doing well *hugs*

Sarah [userpic]

A lot of people on my list
1) never comment
2) never update their own journal
3) just don't really interest me anymore

If you're one of them, I'm going to cut you like... right now... Or you'll have to give me a good reason why I shouldn't cut you

If you're name is on this list you're not longer a friend of mine, sorry...Collapse )

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